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Liebert-y & Justice

for the injured worker


Have you been:​

  • Injured on the job?

  • Hurt in a catastrophic injury?

  • Discriminated against at your work place?

  • Disqualified from receiving SSDI benefits?

If you are hurt on the job and can no longer work and make money to support your family, contact Liebert Law. Liebert Law helps you to get back to work and get compensated for your injuries so you can live stress and pain-free, and enjoy life once again.


With years of experience navigating complexities of worker's compensation law from the defense side, Michael Liebert knows when, how and where to fight to make sure that you receive all benefits owed.

At Liebert Law, we understand your hesitancy in filing a claim based on a fear of further repercussions on the job. We understand the need to provide an income for your family, even when you feel you are too hurt to continue working. We also understand what harassment and discrimination look like when an individual is pressured to return to work too soon.

Liebert Law will help you navigate those fears and customize the level of support you need to get you back on your feet. We can assist in all aspects of your claim, whether you wish to change doctors, want your case heard in front of a judge, or prefer to settle your claim quickly and move on.

Insurance companies have a great deal of control over your medical care. With Liebert Law, you will be able to take back that control.

Many people do not realize that worker's compensation laws, rules and regulations are designed to get the worker back on his or her feet; the system is not designed to bring a windfall of cash to the worker. With that said, the biggest benefit in using Liebert Law to file your claim is that you will have assistance throughout the duration of your claim, so you can recover free of stress.

Your needs come first. With a sense of compassion, understanding and guidance, Liebert Law can help you to navigate through your work-place injury.

Please remember: Consultations are FREE.


Contact                    today.

Practice Area: 
Worker's Compensation

Worker’s compensation is the area of law governing work place injuries. If you are injured at work, you have a right to obtain medical treatment and collect temporary disability should you miss time from work. Your disability pay can last up to 104 weeks within five years of the injury, and it is equal to two thirds of your average net weekly wages. Best of all, it is tax-free.

Many insurance carriers push for a return to work as soon as possible – this limits the amount of money they pay out in terms of disability costs. However, this infringes on and limits your rights!

You are not required to return to work on an insurance company's timeline. However, if you are released by your doctor to regular duty, failure to return to work could cost you your job and disability benefits. If you are given work restrictions, your employer must decide whether those restrictions can be accommodated. If not, you are entitled to additional benefits. If your restrictions can be accommodated, you are entitled to a hostile-free work environment with the ability to work within those restrictions. This means you are protected against any type of retaliation by your employer.

In most cases, workers compensation claims settle when the individual is found to have reached maximum medical improvement. At this point, there are many options for the injured worker.

Contact Liebert Law today, and we can discuss your options in greater detail.

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Practice Area: 
Employment Law

Employment law claims involve wage and hour complaints, workplace harassment, retaliation, paycheck issues, serious and willful concerns, and discrimination matters.

If you have been the victim of any of these matters, contact Liebert Law now. You could be entitled to compensation due to the actions of your employer.

Many people are scared to lose employment by raising these types of allegations, but it is against the law to be fired for filing a claim. Your employer is bound by a strict set of laws in the state of California, laws that heavily protect the individual worker. Think about it this way – if you file a claim and are harassed for doing so, you will likely be entitled to additional compensation. 

I have seen too many cases of people, belonging to all different races, genders, religions, citizenship statuses, etc., being under paid, treated poorly, or ignored. Even if you are paid "under the table," your employer has an obligation to treat you fairly.

Allow Liebert Law to stand up for you, especially when it feels no one else will. We very much look forward to speaking with you and are here to assist.

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Practice Area: 
Short Term Disability (SDI)

Having trouble qualifying for short-term disability? Employees making at least $300.00 for the preceding 12-month pay period are likely eligible to receive SDI payments. You can qualify for SDI for a variety of reasons (pregnancy, elective surgery, etc.), however, you can be disqualified for a variety of reasons as well.


Are you on sick leave? Are you receiving paid family benefits? Are you on worker’s compensation benefits? Have you been receiving unemployment benefits? All these questions must be answered before determining whether or not you can qualify for benefits.

If you qualify, you can expect to receive up to 60-70% of your average weekly wages. You can also obtain these benefits for up to 52 weeks.

It is very important to note, however, that you have 7 weeks from the date you became disabled to file a claim. The clock is ticking! Please call Liebert Law and all your options will be discussed.

Practice Area: 
Insurance Coverage

Did you know that your insurance company may cover all of your legal costs if you are sued, including attorney fees and your judgment or settlement if you lose? Have you ever had a lawsuit filed against you and your insurance company informs you that there is no coverage for the suit? All insurance companies have a duty to defend and indemnify you in most cases whenever there is a mere possibility that your policy covers the loss.

The basis for the lawsuit doesn’t necessarily matter – most insurance provisions, like your homeowner’s policy or tenant policy, have coverage for what is called “personal liability.” While there are some exclusions that may apply, most of the time, the insurance companies are obligated to provide coverage for the lawsuit.

At Liebert Law, your policies will be reviewed, and a plan of action will be developed. With an extensive litigation history, Liebert Law attacks the policies efficiently to protect you and your family.

If you would like additional information, or if you have been denied coverage, contact Liebert Law today.

Practice Area: 
Personal Injury Claims

Accidents occur all the time - motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, etc. - and many people sustain injuries from these incidents and do not now what to do next. Liebert Law will help you file a claim against the appropriate party and get you the compensation you deserve.

Typically, the first steps after an injury or accident involve taking notes about the accident itself. What did you see, were there witnesses, who was involved? You will also want to make sure to get the medical treatment you need and as soon as you can. Waiting could affect your claim, as the opposing party could argue that intervening factors could have increased your injuries.

I have found that it is best to get the treatment you need when you need it, and pursue legal action shortly thereafter, if necessary.

Legally, proving who is at fault and who has a “duty of care” are important questions to answer. Also important, is determining any potential defenses (if you are being sued) and what the damages could be.

At Liebert Law, you will get answers to these questions and assistance  throughout the duration of your claim. Contact us for more information.

PI Law.jpg
Practice Area: 
Landlord/Tenant Claims

Life is tough no matter what side of the case you are on. If you are a landlord and cannot get your tenant to pay rent, how do you pay the mortgage on the property you own? If your renters breach their lease, how do you fill the vacancy, avoid further losses, and get money to pay your yearly property taxes? If your renters move out and trash(ed) your property, what can you do?

The same is true of a tenant. Has your landlord raised your rent in a place you thought was under rent control? Does your residence have conditions that make living there unbearable? What constitutes an uninhabitable living environment, enough so that you can avoid paying your rent until conditions are fixed?

Disputes between landlords and tenants have been going on for decades. COVID-19 has not helped either, whether it is delayed rent payments, delayed evictions, or the enforcement of proper COVID-19 safety protocols. However, there are rules on returning security deposits timely. There are rules regarding evictions and the termination of a lease. There are rules regarding withholding rent. There are rules regarding landlords entering a tenant’s property unannounced. Navigating these rules can be challenging, but Liebert Law can assist you in doing so.

Contact Liebert Law today.

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