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Opening Day

I started Liebert Law because it was time for a change. Having represented countless fortune 500 companies for years, I saw firsthand all of the tricks and gimmicks to limit recoveries of individuals who are now unable to provide for their families. Liebert Law allows me to represent the people by utilizing the knowledge of how these large companies operate in order to benefit my clients.

I have a great deal of experience negotiating large settlements and winning trials. I will fight hard for the individual, thereby ensuring higher settlements and more favorable results.

I have worked with insurance carriers for the past seven years. Insurance carriers have one goal in mind: close out claims. I will use this to your advantage. Personal injury law, employment law, homeowner insurance claims, and worker’s compensation – the goal is the same: help the individual in any way possible.

My job, in workers compensation and personal injury cases, is to navigate the muddy waters between obtaining the right treatment, allowing adequate recovery time, helping the individual to return to work, and getting some money for the individual to allow him or her to obtain future medical treatment as needed.

I am taking this mentality with me in my practice. I will push hard for what is right and what is deserved. I know how insurance companies work and I will use my knowledge to obtain the best possible outcome. If trial is needed, we will not back down. If settlement is best for the parties, we will work towards an amicable resolution. Whatever I can do for my clients, I will do.

With that said, please feel free to contact me at I look forward to speaking with you.

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